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Auditory Integration Training
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“In many cases, AIT should be the first therapy approach used.  AIT appears to “set the stage” for so much of the progress which can be made.  Following AIT, teachers and speech-language pathologist may see greater progress in all areas than would have been possible without AIT.”

Jackie McBurnie Rockwell, M.S., CCC-A, CCC-SLP
Dancing in the Rain, edited by Annabel Stehli

 “No wild, hysterical outbursts, no headbanging. At home he listens better, complies more readily, falls asleep faster and stays asleep longer.  He copes better with uncomfortable situations, converses about a subject, staying on the subject rather than following flights of fancy.  He writes words as he hears them rather than me dictate them.  He says I love... more, before he said I hate... a lot.  The word ‘boring’ does not come up as often.”

Mother of 8 year old son with ADHD

 “More sociable, increased eye contact, calmer, less fidgety, better topic maintenance, handwriting and printing improved, more willing to try new activities requiring concentration and language skills, words on projects of own choice during free time, talks about future (dating, marriage, college, death), asks about abstract concepts.  DOES NOT NEED RITALIN for school or other situations (has had none since therapy).

Mother of a 9 year old son with ADD

 “My son  does not wear shoes on the wrong feet anymore.  He does not reverse numbers any more.  Now I know what my son can do.  Fast ForWord has made a huge change in my thinking and perception.”

 Mother of a 7 year old son with Autism

 I have a client who has been working with our state Dyslexic Assoc.for two years trying to teach him to recognize the letters in his name.  Nothing has seemed to work.  The child's self-esteem was rock bottom.  We started Fast ForWord in his home and within 4 weeks he was writing his name and now (at completion at 7 weeks) he has just finished reading his fifth book.  His favorite author is Dr. Seuss because he "loves the way the books play with rhyme".  Fast ForWord has worked for this child and his two older sisters and one brother will begin Fast ForWord soon.  I believe most dyslexic individuals have severe auditory processing disorders which Fast ForWord corrects.

 Sheila,  Fast ForWord Provider


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