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Saroj Madan, M.S.

Within these pages you will find information, tools, tapes and research that will  help your child NOW! 

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Auditory Integration Training
Fast ForWord™

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Saroj Madan, M.S.

Certified in Berard's method of Auditory Integration Training and Scientific Learning Corporation's language training program, Fast ForWord™.

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Does Your Child Experience?

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)  Speech and Language Problems

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)  Behavior Outbursts

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)  Hearing Sensitivities

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)  Depression & Social Withdrawal

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If the answers to any of the above is YES, please select from among the following for more information to help your child.

Auditory Integration Training (AIT) - A method of correcting the root cause of many learning disabilities. It is a method of retraining the ear to listen and process sound in a normal manner. 
Fast ForWord- Revolutionary CD-ROM and Internet based training program for Language Learning Impaired Children.
Nutrition - The benefits of herbs for learning impaired children.