Auditory Integration Training

 Cost:  The total fee for the treatment is $1,200.   Travel expenses are additional $300.

Registration:  Please sign the participation agreement and return with a deposit of $500.00.  The balance will be due on or before the first session.

Scheduling:  Although the treatment itself takes place in ten days, additional sessions are necessary for testing.  In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, it is suggested that individuals do not go to school, work, camp, or participate in remedial programs during the treatment.  This does not apply to children under the age of six.

Additional Sessions:  The vast majority of patients treated by this method have been seen for only one ten-hour series of retraining session.  You may repeat the retraining session every six months or once a year if the improvement has been noted every time.

Other Requirements:  Questionnaires must be completed prior to starting the treatment.  It is recommended that the individual’s ears be checked prior to starting the treatment to ensure that they are clear of wax and free from infection.

Fast ForWord and Fast ForWord Two

 Fast ForWord™ Programs are available on PC and MAC

 Your child can play the games at home under your supervision.  I measure  his/her progress everyday.   Your child’s progress report will be emailed or sent via priority mail every week.   Consultation, support will be available on as needed basis. 

 Cost:  The total cost to run Fast ForWord™ or Fast ForWord™ Two program including software is $1,700.  $1,200 deposit required with the parent’s contract.  Balance paid in 5 weekly installments of $100 each.

Parent’s Contract will be mailed to you upon request.  Demo CDs available upon request for $5.00 each to cover the cost of shipping.