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Saroj Madan, M.S.

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Auditory Integration Training
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Auditory Integration Training


"Everything happens as if human behavior were largely conditioned by the manner in which one hears."

Dr. Guy Berard, Hearing Equals Behavior

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       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)   Speech and Language Dysfunction

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)   Learning Disabilities

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)   Dyslexia

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)   Attention Deficit Disorder

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)   Autism/Pervasive Developmental Delays

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)   Central Auditory Processing Disorder

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)   Down Syndrome

       greenball.jpg (1100 bytes)   Hyper/Hypoacute Sensitivity to Sound

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Auditory Integration Training - If your child has difficulty reading, comprehending, focusing, or learning, he/she may be suffering from hearing distortions, hypersensitivity, and delays in the auditory signals contributing to inefficient learning. If you would like a brochure and further information please fill out the form below and press the submit button or CLICK HERE for further information on-line.

SAROJ MADAN holds a master degree in Physics and a Diploma in Computer Science. She was trained in AIT by the pioneer himself, Dr. Guy Berard, author of Hearing Equals Behavior, and has been practicing AIT since 1992. She has worked with children from many countries, providing AIT throughout the world. She works with the family as a unit and advises parents on nutritional, educational, and daily challenges of the special needs child.